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Family Learning

Please have a look at some of the fantastic work done by our children, their parents and other family members.

We give amazing prizes for the best projects created by our families.

Family Learning 'Space' Project - February 2016 (47 images)

We asked our children and their families to design and create a 'Space' themed poster or construction to celebrate British astronaut Tim Peake's visit to the International Space Station. We were amazed at the wonderful entries that we received! There will be fantastic prizes for the families that entered.

Created: 20 Jan 16 11:25 | Last modified: 20 Jan 16 12:07

Family Learning - Egg & Chick Project (81 images)

To celebrate Easter, our families were invited to create projects based on eggs & chicks !

Created: 9 May 12 11:41 | Last modified: 9 May 12 12:22

Family Learning - Kite Project (48 images)

Our children & their families were invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their creative projects !

Created: 9 May 12 10:44 | Last modified: 9 May 12 10:57

There will be more family projects coming soon!