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Mowlem Primary

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

This year children from Classes 3 to 6 will continue learning Spanish together at Mowlem.
We will also be starting to teach children in Nursery, Reception, Class 1 and Class 2.
Our aim is to teach outstanding MFL lessons across the school over the next two years.

Spanish lessons are individually tailored to each group following the National Curriculum for MFL, the latest Schemes of Work from Ministerio de Cultura (Spain), 'Early Start' and a wide variety of media resources to enhance progress and to make possible outstanding learning in every single lesson.

Please click HERE to see our MFL policy.

Here are some of the learning websites we are using: 

BabelZone     Language Angels     Linguafun

We use Spanish every day during registration and children also use greetings in different languages across the school. At Mowlem we celebrate termly assemblies learning songs in Spanish and celebrate our cultural differences and the mosaic of languages we all bring into our school.

Intercultural understanding and knowledge about language are the main aims of our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum at Mowlem.

Please click HERE to view the KS2 2015-2016 curriculum overview for Spanish.

Please click HERE to view the EYFS & KS1 2015-2016 curriculum overview for Spanish.

Please click HERE to view the 2014-2015 curriculum overview for Spanish.

We know at Mowlem how important is for our children's future to have the opportunity to speak a variety of languages, giving them a great skill to access to the current global market and making possible a real life approach in all our lessons as a main purpose.

Children enjoy Spanish lessons, participating in competitions and learning about Spanish language and culture around the world.

Join in and practice speaking Spanish with Mowlem’s phrase of the week!

Week 15 - ¡Hace mucho frio!   (It's very cold!)

Week 14 - ¡Feliz año nuevo a todos!   (Happy New Year everyone!)

Week 13 - ¡Me gusta jugar al tenis!   (I like playing tennis!)

Week 12 - ¡Me gusta jugar al fútbol!   (I like playing football!)

Week 11 - ¡Me gustan los deportes!   (I like sports!)

Week 10 - ¡Disfruta tus vacaciones! (Enjoy your holidays!)

Week 9 - Tengo muchos amigos. (I have many friends.)

Week 8 - ¡Estoy fantástico! (for boys) or ¡Estoy fantástica! (for girls) (I'm feeling fantastic!)

Week 7 - ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)

Week 6 - Hace buen tiempo. (The weather is nice.)

Week 5 - Vivo en Londres. (I live in London.)

Week 4 -  ¡Me gustan las vacaciones! (I like holidays!)

Week 3 - ¿Cuántos años tienes?   (How old are you?)

Week 2 - Me Llamo . . . . . . (My name is  . . . . . .)

Week 1 - ¡Hola!  ¿Que tal? (Hello! How's it going?)