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Mowlem Primary School first opened its doors to children in 1887 and was called Mowlem Street School accommodating 360 boys and 360 girls. As the population of this area grew, the school was enlarged in 1898 and altered again in 1902 for 410 boys and 410 girls. The school was reorganised at different times and by 1964 had introduced a nursery class.

During the Second World War most of the children in Bethnal Green were evacuated, along with their teachers, to the countryside but those children whose parents wanted them to remain in this part of the borough, were all sent to one school, Mowlem.

A new single-storey building catering for a total of 280 children was opened in 1971 when it was renamed Mowlem Primary School as it is still known today.

Today Mowlem is a mixed community school with a capacity of 240 children between the ages of 3 & 11. The majority of pupils attending are of Bangladeshi heritage and their first language is not English.

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