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Mowlem Primary



Learning Journeys 

Year 1

Sp.2: We are publishers (creating a multimedia eBook about our achievements 

Su.1: We are Rhythmic (creating sound patterns in ScratchJr and GarageBand) 

Su.2: We are detectives (using data to solve clues) 

Year 2

Sp.2: We are safe researchers (researching a topic) 

Su.1: We are animators (creating a stop-motion animation) 

Su.2: We are Zoologists (collecting data about bugs) 

Year 3

Sp.2: We are who we are (creating a range of media about ourselves) 

Su.1: We are co-authors (producing a Wiki) 

Su.2: We are opinion pollsters (collecting and analysing data) 

Year 4

Sp.2: We are bloggers (sharing experiences and opinions)

Su.1: We are artists (fusing geometry and art) 

Su.2: We are meteorologists (recording and presenting the weather) 

Year 5

Sp.2: We are web developers (making sense of the Internet and building a website)

Su.1: We are adventure gamers (creating an interactive, multimedia adventure) 

Su.2: We are VR designers (learning about virtual reality) 

Year 6 

Sp.2: We are connected (social media)

Su.1: We are advertisers (making a short TV advert) 

Su.2: We are AI developers (learning about machine learning) 


Digital Leaders

Year 3: Umar and Yusra J 
Year 4: Tahmeed and Amreen 
Year 5: Zahid, Yusra and Labiba
Year 6: Mahdi and Musaab 
The Role of a Digital Leader
  • encourage other children to have confidence in their own IT skills - listen to the teacher's instructions and support the children's learning
  • advise children on how to improve their own work - inspire children to want to know more about computing 
  • introduce new technical words for children - be patient, kind and encouraging